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Renato Pasini
Cross country skier

“On the advice of Dr Malgrati, Chimar provided me with some garments to test during the training-race period I did in Norway with the national team ... Both my brother Fabio and I were really happy using Nexus fabric underwear, so much so that we stopped using the other t-shirts we normally used ... I also used the Nexus sock under the normal heavier sock and felt much better in my shoes and even longer despite the cold ...

I used the shoulder-cover shirt to sleep in and realised that my bad shoulder was much less stiff than usual when I woke ... and i kept on wearing Nexus fabric shoulder-coverage on the coach and plane journeys too”.


"Renato Pasini lives in Gromo and races for the State Forestry Sports Corps. He is the brother of Fabio Pasini.

On 17 March 2000 he took part in the world cup for the first time in the 10 km in Bormio. After that he specialised in the Sprint with good results including twentieth place in the world championships of Val di Fiemme 2003 and thirtieth place in Oberstdorf 2005. He defended Italian colours in the Torino 2006 Olympic games coming eighteenth in the sprint. In 2007 he won the gold medal in the cross country world championships in the free technique men's sprint in team with Cristian Zorzi".