The Nexus fiber optimises conditions for your body and its metabolism to be at their best

Nexus fiber, winning well-being

Nexus energy fiber. Get your smile back after traumas! Nexus helps resolve and alleviate various types of pain, whether traumatic or not. Let's hear what doctors have to say:

“As it improves oxygenation and tissue exchanges, the Nexus fiber used in health provides rehabilitating benefits, reducing the oedema and recovering muscular mass, quantifiable in about 30-40%. The anti-inflammatory effect of the Nexus fiber is probably favoured by its anti clusters effect and leads to an increase in cell exchanges. Used for health purposes, it can be a valid support in preventing new traumas”.

“Wearing knee pads made from the special Nexus textile fiber enables those operated for LCA reconstruction to significantly reduce painful symptoms both straight after the operation, and, even more so, after 8-10 days from the operation.
The average drop in perception of pain during controls is 25.0% in the first 3 days post-surgery and up to 60.8% after 8-10 days”