The Nexus fiber optimises conditions for your body and its metabolism to be at their best

Nexus energy fiber, where there's water.

Water is our body's main component, on average about 65%-70% of the weight of a human body, varying based on sex, age and health conditions. It plays a fundamental role in transporting all nutrients to our cells and in eliminating metabolic waste. Considering that the water percentage in a newborn baby is about 80%, but about 50% in an elderly person, you can see that dehydration is an indicator of ageing.

Tests carried out by the Department of sports medicine and traumatology in Lucca have highlighted that wearing Nexus fiber garments improves cell hydration (ICW = Intra Cellular Water).

It not only helps balance intra and extra cellular water, but also contrasts dehydration as a typical result of physical exercise.

Hydration is not only important for sports: adequate skin hydration, for example, maintains the skin's mechanical and chemical-physical properties.
In better shape, more beautiful, more hydrated.