The Nexus fiber optimises conditions for your body and its metabolism to be at their best

Nexus: the only antibacterial fiber with no contact

The Nexus antibacterial effectiveness is intrinsic (and works with no contact!) Unlike most products and textiles on the market, the Nexus anti-bacterial action does not depend on chemical treatment. That is why its effectiveness does not decrease and exhaust itself over time. 3 different tests have been carried out to assess its antibacterial action:

  • FDA U.S. Pharmacopoeia 23 Microbial Limit Test (61)
  • AATCC100-1999
  • ASTM E-2180-07 (guideline)

The last test found that its effectiveness is the only one of its kind in the world, for a textile product: ANTIBACTERIAL ACTION WITHOUT CONTACT, tested subjecting the fiber to validated protocols.

To test antibacterial effectiveness without contact, measurements showed that Klebsiellae Pneumoniae was lowered 99% and Staphylococcus Aureus 90% at a distance of or higher than 0.5cm.