Nexus energy fiber. A CHIMAR TRADEMARK

Chimar was founded in 1984 to produce quality products for the textile sector. For 25 years now, our efforts have been oriented towards the search and development of new technologies for products dedicated to a person's wellness and have led to ownership of several patents. To guarantee high quality levels, we collaborate with trusted Italian suppliers, with technological knowhow and representing that unequalled high range "100% Made in Italy” textile tradition.

Since 2003, a strong partnership with a cutting-edge Japanese research centre has led to the preparation and exclusive use of the Nexus energy source fiber. That is why the fiber was first commercialised and is still known by the name Nexus energy source. A revolutionary fiber, with umpteen fields of application, result of the union between Japanese technology and Made in Italy textile quality.

Chimar scientific precision is based on 2 important cornerstones:

  • Ongoing research
  • Multiple Research Centres to further guarantee test objectivity

The ongoing presence of scientific studies that have led to considerable proof of the benefits had with Nexus in just a few years. The Nexus method is ongoing research, application and control. This leads to continual evolution and the discovery of new fields of application. That is why Nexus energy source is now Nexus energy fiber: because Nexus is not JUST source of energy. It is a fiber producing a natural, constant infrared emission and, thanks to the energy released, has multiple uses.