Nexus energy fiber, the high energy release textile fiber.

The Nexus textile fiber is a smart polyester t. The intelligent fiber world is a new one. Its potential is being studied by an evolving science, clothing physiology. This analyses relations between body, climate and clothing. Eminent Universities and Research Institutes, in Italy and abroad, have researched the properties and characteristics of Nexus fiber textiles, acknowledging their effectiveness on the entire human activity cycle: in sport and when resting.

This fiber's specific composition, patented globally, produces a natural, continuous infrared emission. Its patented mix, enriched with noble metals, emits natural, unique energy that can optimise the role played by water in our body's biological processes.

Not being a surface finish, its benefits do not decrease over time nor when washed.
Nexus garments need no special care or maintenance. They wash like normal polyester... but dry faster!

Nexus is a high energy emission fiber, an energy fiber!

Just look for the Nexus trademark on the label. It guarantees a unique performance..


Nexus Active contributes to your active lifestyle by helping you during sport and when you need to accelerate your physical recovery or soothe your muscle pain.


Nexus Plus is your daily energy boost and your ideal training partner. You won't have to give up intense training sessions anymore: you'll improve your physical performance and recover more quickly.


Nexus Health is a valid support in rehabilitation medicine, post-operative recovery and in the leg circulatory treatment field, as it is effective, safe and antibacterial.