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Joby Ogwyn
Mountaineer - Wingsuit Base Jumper

“I tried Nexus garments thanks to my friend Simone Moro who told me how incredible they were and made me wear them to sleep in. I sleep really badly, restlessly. After the night wearing Nexus i woke really rested. The sensation is that you have really recovered from your tiredness. Since then, i use them for various purposes, from rest to training”.

Joby was born in Louisiana (USA) which has no mountains and the highest hill hardly reaches 600 metres. When he was fifteen he began his adventurous career, driving to Guatemala with friends to explore the ancient Maya ruins and climbed the volcanoes of Central America. Since then, he has never stopped travelling round the world.

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In 1993, after a training period in Bolivia, he climbed Mount Elbrus (5,643 metres), the highest mountain in Europe in the Russian Caucasus. In 1994 he climbed the Aconcagua (6,959 metres), in Argentina, South America's highest peak. In 1995, Joby started his Alaska adventures, climbing Mount Mckinley (6,194 metres), considered the Earth's hardest, most inhospitable place. After long trips in Europe and Africa, at the end of March 1999, Joby began a two months adventure in Asia, to conquer Everest.

The world's highest mountain does not make life easy for anyone. After all his exhausted expedition members had withdrawn to base camp, Joby carried on alone facing deep snow, with no safety ropes. Free climbing he went up the South-east Crest and the most difficult and exposed part of Everest, the sadly famous “Hillary Step”, reaching the top. In April 2000, Joby went to isolated Papua New Guinea and climbed Puncak Jaya (4,884 metres) also called the Carstensz Pyramid.

In 2004, Ogwyn beat the speed climb record of one of the 8000 metre peaks: the Cho Oyu in Tibet.