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Luca Colli
Nordic Walker

“I call myself an extreme Nordic walker, as I combine Nordic walking with high altitude mountaineering. In fact, on 30 July 2008, with the Nordic technique, I linked ten Mount Rosa peaks together, all over 4000 metres... To general surprise, both during qualification and in the race, I chose relatively lightweight clothing, thanks to NEXUS FIBER garments.

The water bottle with integrators was wrapped in the Nexus Photonizer. I used NEXUS FIBER garments during both preparation and the race itself, even during my record (established on 30 July 2008) when i linked ten 4000 m peaks in the Mount Rose group together in 9h and 20 min.

The sensation during the performance was always great well-being. During my crisis moment in the race, I'm sure that if I hadn't been wearing NEXUS I would surely have vomited compromising the race itself... I can recommend Nexus garments to all sports enthusiasts, not just competitors or extreme ones, for both performance and recovery after the performance”.


Luca Colli is from Vigevano; he is 40 and, besides being a professional Personal Trainer, he is a mountaineer and instructor of Nordic Walking, an enjoyable outdoor sport from Finland.

He calls himself an extreme Nordic walker as he combines Nordic walking with high altitude mountaineering. In fact, on 30 July 2008, using the Nordic technique, he linked ten Mount Rosa peaks, all over 4000 metres (Giordani, Vincent, Balmenhorn, Corno Nero, Ludwigshohe, Parrot, Gnifetti, Zumstein, Dufour and Lyskamm Orientale), in 9h and 20 min.