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Antonio Mazzeo

“As a sports doctor, I'm a skeptic. They offered me this fiber; I decided to try, before a 24 hours. I had had an accident and chest traumas. With the Nexus fiber shirt, even with those fractures, I ran 120 Kilometres. Even though I did not finish the race it was an incredible result. On another occasion, by chance I put my usual integrators in the pocket of a Nexus fiber t-shirt. The integrators "photonized" producing better effects. Since then I have always raced wearing a Nexus t-shirt and I always use the photonizer".

Over the last year training and racing, Mazzeo himself has experimented the great effectiveness of Photonizer 4-14.

Video Interview


Mazzeo is a sports doctor and anti-doping supervisor for the Lombardy Region. He runs with Photonizer by Accapi clothing made with the exclusive Nexus ES fiber of which he has appreciated, in years of experimentation, the fast sweat evaporation and body heat regularisation. Mazzeo drinks water and integrators using the Photonizer 4-14 bottle cover, the new, exclusive Photonizer coating enabling better cellular metabolism, with excellent absorption of nutritive substances and more efficient elimination of waste.